SOBOPA Presentation

SOBOPA (Bouajila Agricultural Production Company) Is an agricultural Production Company based on a extended family history & roots that goes back to the sixties, it has also evolved in recent decades by its ultra modern date processing and packaging unit with a selective orientation based on Deglet Nour’s monoculture and monovarietal standards.

SOBOPA owns a 335 Ha palm grove covering 45,000 vines of date palms, 40% of which are organic, characterized by the production and export of high quality dates thanks to the best quality practices & all technique improvements we undergo including :

  • Respect of the pollination time
  • Limitation of bunches of date palms.
  • Thinning of diets.
  • Bagging of bunches.
  • Tillage and compliance with the irrigation schedule.
  • Full compliance with the fertilization plan (natural and organic).
  • Continuous maintenance and cleaning of the farm in order to break the biological cycle of date moths.